Our family

Our family

This is family of Fairy Childminder - Zuzana, Chris and two sons Sam and Leo.
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Additional Information


All children have a settling-in period of four weeks, during which time either the parent(s) or I may end the agreement without giving a reason or any notice.  This enables both parties to not only satisfy themselves that the child is settling into the new environment well and fitting in with the other children in my care, but also that the parent(s) have not requested too many or too few hours to cover their daily routine. 


Please dress your child appropriately for lively (and potentially messy) activities. Although I provide bibs for feeding and aprons for activities, it is inevitable that the children will get grubby and there is a possibility that clothing may become stained.  We also play outside as often as possible and again clothes may become wet, dirty or stained. 


All children need to bring at least one spare change of clothes in a named bag.  Younger and especially potty training children will need more changes of clothes. 


I would ask that children bring a coat or jacket every day, even if the weather is nice in the morning.  Please provide an appropriate SPF sun-block/cream for your child, together with a hat for sunny weather.  A warm hat and gloves and Wellington boots (pre-school children only unless requested for a trip) are required for cold weather as we try to walk to school every day and to the shops wherever possible rather than use the car.


I would ask that parents supply all formula/expressed milk and bottles for younger babies. I also ask for a spare sterilised bottle in case baby needs a drink between feeds.  If baby is not bottle fed, please supply details of feeding methods and appropriate equipment. Please also supply a spare dummy/pacifier (if used).


I provide hypo allergenic baby wipes and nappy sacks, but would ask that parents provide all nappies/trainer pants for their child.  I have a baby chair/bouncer, buggy (suitable from 3 months) for going out for a walk and a travel cot for sleep time (including baby monitor).  If parents prefer baby to sleep elsewhere, please let me know. 


Please advise me if your child has any skin allergies or sensitivities so that appropriate steps can be taken to protect them from inflammations caused by substances such as plasters, washing powder and fabric conditioner, soaps etc.


We have a healthy eating policy in the setting and I ask that parents refrain from sending junk food, fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate bars in with their children.



Zuzana & Chris Millard-Burda
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