Our family

Our family

This is family of Fairy Childminder - Zuzana, Chris and two sons Sam and Leo.
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Our fees are £5.50 per hour per child attending full day during the week, but overnight and weekend £10.00 per hour per child.  Also offering EYFE and FEET (fees to be discussed as different from above).

If any changes to fees have to be made, parents will be notified in writing one month in advance.

Children after and before school/preschool are charged £6.00 per hour per child with minimum of 2 hours of childcare charged.

I can offer 10% discount for siblings. Additional charge for food is £1.00 per child per day.


Additional charge for late collection will be £5.00 for every extra half an hour.


Fees for outings will be advised when the consent form is issued and are payable before the day of the trip.

All fees are payable monthly in advance by cash, cheque or bank transfer.  I also accept childcare vouchers.  Cheques and bank transfers must be paid at least 5 days before payment is due to allow for bank clearance.  Fees are calculated daily and strictly rounded up to the nearest half an hour.

I charge for a minimum of 2 hours per child per day for the days they attend.  The days and hours required will be discussed during interview and will form part of the legally binding Childminding Contract between the parent(s) and myself.  

The days and hours detailed in the contract form the minimum payment I will receive, whether or not the child attends for all of the contracted hours.

Deposit and retainer fees


Retainer fee may be paid in circumstances where a placement is being reserved for future use. The fee (half the normal childminding rate) is not a credit against future childminding services. The childminding service must be available during the retainer period if reqiured, and full fee is payable when the place is being used.


In cases where a registered childminder does not currently have a vacancy but expects to have a vacancy within 12 weeks, it may be possible to reserve the place with refundable deposit. Unlike a retainer fee, payment of reservation deposit does not allow the parent to use the childcare service before the specific date. This deposit will be returned to parent once the place is taken up. 


Parents who do not wish to pay a retainer fee or deposit must accept that I can not hold places indefinitely and that their childs space may be given to someone else in the meantime.



The days and hours detailed in the contract form the minimum payment I will receive, whether or not the child attends for all of the contracted hours.

Additional hours over and above the contracted hours can not be guaranteed but can usually be accommodated if requested in advance.  If additional hours are requested on a regular basis I will require that the Childminding Contract is amended with immediate effect to reflect these additional hours and that they will become chargeable as above.

If there is a change in circumstances and less hours are required (for example if the child starts school/pre-school) the contract may be amended (with one month notice) to reflect this and the new hours charged accordingly.

 I charge half fee for your and for my holiday (4 weeks). I charge full fee for your sickness, but I do not charge for my sickness.



Invoices are prepared and issued a week in advance of the date they are payable.  The invoices detail the contracted days/hours, any additional hours of care since the previous invoice and will show all applicable fee rates together with a total amount payable.  Charges are payable for late payments and will be billed at a rate of £5.00 per day.

Extra hours worked over and above the contractual agreement, late payment fees and any other additional charges incurred during the preceding period will be added to the next invoice.  Likewise if I have been unable to care for the child during the contracted hours, this will be deducted from the next invoice.  However, please note that there is no discount or refund given if the children are collected early.

Zuzana & Chris Millard-Burda
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