Our family

Our family

This is family of Fairy Childminder - Zuzana, Chris and two sons Sam and Leo.
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It is important to take care of our bodies, so that I make sure children in my care eat well balanced diet (meals contain a balance of the main food groups - protein, carbohydrates, fibre, fat, vitamins and minerals).

Included within my fee are breakfast (for children who arrive before 8.30am), all drinks, snacks, light lunch and dinner (optional).

When planning menu I am taking into consideration the age of the children attending. I am highly inspired by Annabel Karmel when cooking for children.  A typical menu would be:



Eating good breakfast will wake you up and make you ready to face the day's challenges.

- this is food slowly releasing energy throughout the day
Choice of wholegrain cereal, wholemeal toast, french toast, jam, honey, fruit, pure/diluted fruit juice, milk 



It is important to eat food that satisfy your hunger and give you energy, but will not make you too full to have any fun in the afternoon.

Filled jacket potatoes, home-made soup, pasta bake, fish fingers, sheperds pie, beef/mushroom stroganoff and rice, meat balls and spaghetti, curry and rice...for additional cost of £1.




Fresh fruit is great because it gives you a healthy burst of vitamins .

Provided mid morning and afternoon - fruit, yogurt, miniature cheeses, chunks of raw veg, bread sticks, rice cakes, mini packs of dried fruit.


I believe an evening meal is an important part of a child's day and where possible should be enjoyed with their parents. But I do provide an evening meal for some children for extra cost £1 per child. Dinner is served between 17.30 -18:00 and it is cooked/prepared at the premises following our weekly menu. Choices are freshly filled sandwiches, bagels, pitas or wraps - typical sandwich fillings include; cream cheese and cucumber,egg mayo, grated cheese with tomato & lettuce, cheese and tomato, tuna mayo, chicken with salad, humus, tuna & sweetcorn, ham and salad.

All meals are made on premises using fresh produce to avoid large quantities of sugar, salt and additives. We shop our fruit and vegetable predominantly on local market to make sure all is as fresh as possible.

Fresh drinking water is available at all times.

Zuzana & Chris Millard-Burda
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